Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 months Pregnant Picture

 Well, I am actually going to be 7 months pregnant next week, but it has taken me a while to update my blog.  I told people I would post a picture a month or 2 ago, but I really hate pictures while being pregnant! You really don't know how bad ya really look until you see a picture of yourself!!! AH!  Look at that fat face!!!!! Not to mention my big bottom half!  I chose a picture that hides that a little!
 Anyways, we are getting anxious and excited! I feel like it is so far away though! However, we thought we would be moving into a home by now, but of course the bank has not gotten back to us for the home we want.  It has been over 3 months!  We are getting nervous that the baby will come before the house!  We wanted and Needed it the other way around!  Pray for us!  
 The baby is doing great, I am 30 weeks!  I can't believe how fast but yet how slow babies grow!  I truly believe baby's are a miracle!  I am getting so excited to see Olivia!